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Rumor: PS3 Slim coming this fall


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We're throwing this one in the "probably not" pile, right next to our jar of skeptical sauce. A month after the conclusion of CES, gadget site T3 is reporting that while in attendance they heard that Sony will be debuting a slimline version of the PlayStation 3 (a "PSThree" if you will). According to T3's "well-informed insider," the unit will be smaller and lighter than the current console (well, duh).

While we don't doubt that Sony will eventually give the PS3 a little nip and tuck, it's still far too early in the console's life-cycle to warrant such a drastic revision of the hardware – but we're not ruling out the possibility of a new SKU in the near future. The PSOne redesign appeared over four years after the first PlayStation was launched, and the slimline PS2 didn't appear until over three years after the original.

A redesigned PS3 probably wouldn't appear until late 2009 at the earliest, making the possibility of one showing up this fall slim to none. Now pass that skeptical sauce, please.

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