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Simpel Session '08 streamed live in HD for first time

Darren Murph

Unfortunately, the partners involved in streaming Europe's largest BMX and skateboarding event to 118,000 online onlookers in HD waited until after the event to brag about how well everything worked, but hey, at least we've got reason to believe that next year's shindig will be handled similarly. Reportedly, the three-day Simpel Session '08 was streamed live in high-definition over the web on for the "first time in the event's seven-year history." Also of note, it seems the team is now getting set to migrate all of its H.264 content to the new Flash 9 player, which should indeed allow it to "reach the widest possible audience with its state of the art action sports content." First we get the X-Games in HD, and now this -- life's pretty good for extreme sports fans, eh?

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