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Softbank hooks up with Tiffany for nauseatingly expensive handset

Chris Ziegler

See, the problem with most phone manufacturer / boutique hookups is that the handsets start out at a fairly high price -- but not high enough to keep them out of all but the most privileged, ridiculous people -- then quickly fall off to the point where even we can afford to put one in our pocket if we really wanted to. What's the point in a designer-branded device if it's actually attainable? Well, Tiffany and Japan's Softbank Mobile have it all figured out, vowing to release a phone this month that comes in somewhere north of ¥10,000,000 (about $93,600). Seeing how it's Tiffany and all, rest assured it'll have plenty of glittering gems -- over 400 diamonds, to be specific, totaling somewhere north of 20 carats in weight. Question is, what exactly do you do when Softbank comes out with another all-new lineup in a few weeks?


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