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Source says Sony still undecided on new PS3 model

Chris Powell

There's been so much talk about the possibility of yet another PlayStation 3 model that it's hard not to believe that Sony has something in the works. And GameDaily has learned as much from a "very reliable" anonymous source inside Sony. However, that source said Sony hasn't actually decided what configuration the new model will sport, but that its executives and other officials have been meeting in Japan this week to figure that out.

"There are a lot of different strategies under consideration, but nothing is final yet. They are considering ways to put some relevant distance between the two PS3 SKUs, but it's unclear how that will roll out," the source said. Additionally, the source said the reason for Sony considering yet another hardware configuration is because it doesn't believe there's enough difference between the 40GB and 80GB models.

So if GameDaily's source is to be trusted, there's definitely something in the works, but it doesn't seem like even Sony knows what will be coming down the pipeline at this point. Either way, consumers won't be too upset if Sony can pack in a bigger hard drive and maybe a DualShock 3 while keeping the pricing structure the same.

[Via Joystiq]

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