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Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Final Smashes revealed

Kyle Orland

If there's one thing we learned reading through some of the comments on our mega-spoiler Smash Bros. Brawl post, it's that there are a lot of people who want Mega Man to join in the Smash Bros. series. If there's a second thing we learned, it's that people are very interested in learning the secretive "Final Smash" attacks for each of the revealed characters.

Well, we can't help with Mega Man, but thanks to the kindly folks over at GameVideos, we can help with that second problem. The epic eight-minute video below shows off every Final Smash move in sequence. Not all Final Smashes are created equal, though, so we've decided to rank them on a ten point scale based on destructive potential, how well they fit the character and all-around coolness. Don't agree with us? Take it to the comments, Jabroni.

Warning: Major spoilers contained below the break.

The Final Smashes
  • Mario: Shoots a screen-filling super fireball. 10/10
  • Yoshi: Sprouts wings and spits fireballs. 7/10
  • Peach: Drops health restoring apples (which anyone can use) and briefly puts opponent to sleep. 2/10
  • Bowser: Turns into gigantic Gigabowser. 7/10
  • Donkey Kong: Turns into a cute, bongo-drumming toy that rocks back and forth and attack with acoustic power. 6/10
  • Diddy Kong: Sprouts rocket barrels and flies around the screen. 4/10
  • Wario: Turns into the purple spandex-sporting Wario-Man. 8/10
  • Pikachu: Turns into a frenetic lightning ball of fury. 9/10
  • Charizard/Bulbasaur : Team up for a laser-like energy-beam 8/10
  • Pit: Calls down a fleet of warrior angels to pummel opponent. 8/10
  • Samus: A screen-filling energy shot. 10/10
  • Zero-suit Samus: A whip-spinning screw attack. 7/10
  • Kirby: Cooks enemy in an explosive pot. 6/10.
  • Meta-Knight: A screen-darkening super-slash. 6/10
  • King Dedede: Dances to summon menacingly cute Waddle Dees to rain from the sky. 8/10
  • Link/Toon Link: A bevy of quick sword slashes with a final push. 10/10
  • Zelda/Sheik: Super-strong bow-and-arrow shot. 8/10
  • Fox/Falco/Wolf: Summons Landmaster tank with hovering abilities and a powerful cannon. 7/10
  • Ice Climbers: Summon giant glacier from ground to chip away at health. 5/10
  • Capt. Olimar: Launches a rocket with damaging exhaust and a crash landing attack. 8/10
  • Marth: A jumping sword juggle with a punishing, pounding finish. 10/10
  • Lucas/ Ness: PK Thunder rain. 4/10
  • Luigi: Psychedelic freak-out dance. 5/10
  • Capt. Falcon: Calls in the Blue Falcon to crash into the opponent. 9/10
  • Snake: Jumps on a helicopter ladder, fires missiles from a shoulder launcher. 10/10
  • R.O.B.: Wimpy laser eyes. 1/10
  • Sonic: Transforms into Super Sonic, causes havoc. 9/10
  • Mr. Game & Watch: Turns into the Octopus from Octopus, attacks with tentacles. 7/10
  • Lucario: Mid-air beam attack. 7/10
  • Jigglypuff: Grows gigantic, pushes opponent off stage with sheer bulk. 8/10
  • Ganondorf: Transforms into Bull Gannon, bum rushes opponent off stage. 9/10
  • Ike: Link-like slash attack. 9/10

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