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Breakfast Topic: The great Kara divide

Dan O'Halloran

Blogger Amava is having a bit of a crisis in his guild. They have just hit Karazhan and the question of who gets in on the 10-man team and who sits out destined to spend the evening begging for a pick up group in Shatt has caused much drama.

Amava knows that they have to recruit more healers to make multiple Kara teams, but that will take time. Until then, the core group will have to learn the raid, then rotate in others.

But who gets in on the rotation? As Amava put it "simply possessing the Master's Key does not mean you are ready." Standards have to be set, but they, of course, fall only on dps as healers and tanks are going to get in on every run, more or less.

Has you guild hit this split? How did they handle it to keep everyone happy, but not coddle the inept? Is Amava's solution the best? Gear checks FTW?

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