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iPhone takes on semi, lives to tell the tale

Nilay Patel

We though we'd seen it all when it came to creative device destruction -- iPod with a bullet: check, exploding laptops: check, everything in a blender: double check -- but we've never seen anything spend over an hour on the highway and survive. Yet that's exactly what Mike Beauchamp's iPhone did after he left it on his trunk and drove off from a gas station -- and the kicker is that just as he was about to run out and grab it, he watched it get run over by a semi truck. Shockingly, the unit still work perfectly, even receiving a call as Mike finally nabbed it. Obviously, it's missing a few chunks and there are some broken pixels, but the touch sensitivity is solid, and it sounds like Mike's been talking to Apple PR about using it in a promo -- how's that for random luck? Check the read link for a few more pics of the damage.

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