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Earthrise gets two new wallpapers

Kyle Horner

The brand new MMO on the block -- Earthrise, from Masthead Studios -- has a couple new wallpapers for anybody interested in something new to look at on your desktop. We always appreciate it when wallpapers come with a widescreen resolution option.

Since we were already on the Earthrise website, we took the chance to check out their "About Earthrise" page and found a handy bullet-point list of features to expect in Masthead's upcoming game. One thing that stood out to us more than anything else was a feature towards the bottom of the list that says, "Character progression that keeps you advancing in your career even when you're not logged in." As far as we're aware, EVE Online is currently the only MMO that allows for character progression out-of-game -- it should be interesting to see what they do. We think the whole conceptual feature-list for Earthrise is super-interesting.

[via MMORPGdot]

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