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GameTrailers Super Bowl simulation also picks Patriots

You might have watched EA Sports' Madden '08 simulation for Super Bowl XLII when it surfaced a few days ago, where it was predicted that the Patriots would take home the Lombardi trophy by a narrow margin -- then again, you might have fallen asleep in the middle of that video, which was more or less a glorified gameplay montage, completely devoid of commentary and music.

Taking a cue from classic NFL films, GameTrailers recently performed their own Madden simulation of the Super Bowl, yielding similar, and much more watchable results. Our knowledge of the mechanics of football is limited, but basically, GameTrailers predicts that the Patriots will run the brown ball into the score zone more times than the Giants, winning with a score of 20 touchdowns to 10 touchdowns. They also predicted the entirety of Tom Petty's halftime show set list -- strangely enough, it is sans "Free Fallin'".

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