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Super Bowl Sunday: Predictions, snacks and games

Dustin Burg

Today, American football takes center stage as Super Bowl XLII clogs the television airwaves pitting the New England Patriots against the New York Giants. And even though the Madden Bowl festivities have all but come and gone (though, Play & Win is still trucking along), you can still celebrate XLII by cruising the Super Bowl Madden simulations (hint: Patriots can't lose) and possibly play some Madden 08 to get into the football mood. And for those who aren't about watching the jock on jock spectacle, then we say celebrate the Super Bowl your own way. Pop in your favorite 360 game of choice, gorge on salty sweet snacks, order a pizza (or six) and gawk at the million dollar commercials that will be aired. Kickoff is at 6:18PM eastern (how very specific), so make tonight an event however you choose. Just be sure to keep positive thoughts of the Patriots scoring every drive in the back of your head ... that's all we ask.

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