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What if a professional artist recreated your character?

Michael Zenke

One of the best parts of being in a guild is that players help each other out, right? What if one of your fellow players was an award-winning artist? Doug Shuler is a fantastic artist, a man whose works have graced fantasy works for years. If you've ever played Magic: The Gathering, you might recall the art for the original Serra Angel card. That was Doug.

Zubon over at Kill Ten Rats noted that Doug is a big fan of City of Heroes. Such a big fan, apparently, that he has made several computer-rendered versions of his fellow players. Above is a rendering of his entire Supergroup, but his official website has a number of other avatar models. Some of the comments there indicates that he's taken on commissions, too. It'd be amazing to have your CoH avatar recreated, right?

If someone was going to draw/render your primary avatar, what would it look like? Do you have an artist that you'd like to do it?

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