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Devil May Cry: a series retrospective - part II

Nick Doerr

The second entry into the Devil May Cry franchise had a lot of high hopes pinned on it. People were upset they didn't get the option to play as Trish in the first game and the control scheme should be easy to rectify. What's more, people were promised bigger environments, more bosses, and most importantly, more Dante. So, what happened this time?

The game takes place some time after the first Devil May Cry. At the outset of the game, Dante meets up with newcomer Lucia to gather up an item -- a coin, called Medaglia. She invites him to her house, if he can find it, and once there he meets her mother Matier. Matier claims her clan fought alongside Sparda thousands of years ago, but now their livelihood is threatened, along with mankind. A big business, Uroboros (our spelling may be butchered, we only caught it on the side of a helicopter), led by a man named Arius, is trying to resurrect the great demon Argosax. No known relation to Mundus, but both seem to really, really hate mankind. To resurrect Argosax, Arius will need a plethora of items known as Arcana. Dante and Lucia collect these throughout their adventure.

Eventually Dante and Lucia confront Arius, who explains Lucia is his creation. He opens the portal to the demon world and faces off against Lucia. Dante, in the meantime, enters the demon world and fights the semi-resurrected Argosax. It is unclear at the end of the game if Dante manages to escape the demon realm after facing Argosax, but Lucia and Matier wait at his devil hunting shop until they hear the sound of a motorcycle outside.

Did this summary seem a bit shorter than the previous one? It's because the story is practically nonexistent. Over the course of ten missions as Dante, there may have been three minutes of story-driven cutscene. You just keep moving and slashing. It's pretty bad. That's one major gripe people had with the game -- Dante doesn't even seem to be the main character. He's relatively quiet and level-headed. These attributes don't suit him. Lucia steals the spotlight -- she even gets her own disc so you can play as her. Some critics claimed her storyline was much better and worth the price of the game, but since we're focusing on Dante for this feature, we didn't bother to retread that path.

The story isn't the only thing lackluster about the second entry: the difficulty is in the toilet. You can literally sit back and mash your pistols to beat bosses into submission. This is partly due to the large, open environments that are pretty easy to get lost in. More space means more time to shoot from afar. Also, the weapon variety is sorely lacking. You can power-up your weapons, but aside from the basics, don't expect anything flashy (like a purple/blue flying-V guitar that shoots electrified bats). The game can be fun, but compared to the title before and after it, it's not even in the same category. Capcom realized this and decided to take a serious look at the franchise before setting off to create the third game, Devil May Cry 3.

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