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Dojo update: A new approach


From today onwards, we'll be adopting a slightly different approach to our daily updates on Brawl. As director Sakurai is now dedicating the dojo to the numerous hidden characters, stages, and features that are lurking in this most content-heavy of games, we're going to be concealing any new Brawl revelations past the post break. It's the best way we can still bring you the latest Brawl news, without ruining the game for those who are taking a wide berth from spoilers.

If you care not a jot about reading up on Brawl's myriad secrets, then we'll see you past the break!

Update: Galleries have now also been posted past the break.

As certified F-Zero nuts, we were beginning to wonder where our F-Zero stage had got to in Brawl. Thankfully, Sakurai and his team hadn't forgotten about the venerable racing series, and a stage based on Port Town Aero Dive, a track from the GameCube and arcade versions of F-Zero, appeared on the dojo today. Like Mute City in Melee, all of the brawling will be carried out on platforms that whizz around the circuit, occasionally stopping at certain locations to show off some magnificent views. We like!



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