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NetNewsWire 3.1.2 is out

Nik Fletcher

Here at TUAW, we rather like Brent Simmons' excellent (and now free) news-reader NetNewsWire. Not only does it make a lot of our lives easier by managing our feeds, but the syncing with NewsGator's other online and Windows desktop clients mean that we're (sadly) never far away from the news. If you too are a fan of NNW, then you'll probably want to know about the release of NetNewsWire 3.1.2, fixing (amongst other things):

  • 'I-see-nothing' bug which displayed an empty window for some users
  • Entity decoding in <link>s
  • much more aggressive removal of read items from their folders
  • a few syncing bugs
One other addition is the First-run Assistant, which will likely be seen by "[NetNewsWire] Lite users and people returning to NetNewsWire from a several-year absence." Simmons has discussed the particulars of this assistant on his own blog, and it's a fascinating read for those interested in the nuances of interface design. The update weighs in at just 5.6MB, and is available from the NewsGator site.

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