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NYT: Obama is Mac, Clinton is PC

Cory Bohon

It's no doubt that most people vote on style rather than experience. Today the New York Times technology blog compared the two Democratic front-runners in the 2008 election to the "Get a Mac" ads. In the post, they said that Barack Obama was similar to the Mac (when they compared his website to Apple's style), while Hillary Clinton's website style was similar to that of the PC.

The NYT interviewed several people, including Alice Twemlow, the chairwoman of the M.F.A. program at the School of Visual Arts and a Mac user. "With Obama's site, all the features and elements are seamlessly integrated, just like the experience of using a program on a Macintosh computer," said Twemlow.

It is no doubt that the candidates in this year's elections are using technology to their advantage. As an additional and interesting note, the NYT endorsed Hillary Clinton as their pick in the 2008 election. What do you think? Be sure to sound off in the comments.

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