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Audioengine intros AW1 wireless audio bridge

Steven Kim

Powered-speaker manufacturer Audioengine has jumped into the speaker cable-free audio market with its AW1 wireless adapter. It looks like a focused solution that simply moves audio from one place to another, which we like because it won't lock you into speakers, amps or communication protocols. And better yet, it sounds simple to use -- plug in audio to the 3.5-mm jack on the transmitter, break out 3.5-mm audio on the receiver side, supply USB power to the units, pair the two halves and you're done! Transmission is done over 802.11 (but with a claimed data rate of 340Mbps), latency is less than 20-ms and the signal-to-noise ratio is a respectable 91dB. That's certainly good enough for wireless surround channels, so what are you waiting for?

[Via digitalhomethoughts]

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