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DS Daily: Shigeru Miyamoto's haircut

Eric Caoili

In a recent piece summarizing Famitsu's 1000th issue and its extensive Shigeru Miyamoto interview, Next-Gen's Tim Rogers makes an impassioned plea to the celebrated game designer to visit a competent hairstylist. Well, geniuses have been known to let their hair go wild -- just look at Albert Einstein, Ludwig van Beethoven, and, uh, Don King.

Rogers argues that he's never seen Miyamoto with a decent haircut, adding, "My father, though he eats salad with his mouth wide open, has never designed a video game, and is not in the habit of being photographed for magazines or appearing on television, has a better haircut than Shigeru Miyamoto."

The father of modern video gaming will always be remembered for his classic characters and games, regardless of his hair situation, but we still want to hear your thoughts on his hair -- just fine or in need of a trim? Bring a pair of scissors past the break for a couple more Miyamoto photos.

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