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eBay seller offers Nokia Aeon, is a flat out liar


Seem to good to be true? Yesiree, we're betting it is, too. Nokia's Aeon is a concept, not "Not even released for sale in U.S. yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!." If we weren't clear, he / she is trying to steal your money, so please don't bid. Of course, some may ask about the rather unconvincing renders that are being used to prop up this bridge of deceit, and one needs only check the dodgy shadowing and reflection to see that these just can't be real -- and are the same pics offered by Nokia. So in short, give mercerwholesaleelectroncs8888's -- with 4 feedback -- auction a peek, have a laugh, and hope that one day we'll actually be able to pick one of these up -- for less than $999.

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