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Gearbox working on something 'big'


Gearbox president and CEO Randy Pitchford is awfully excited about his company's latest project, though he's not ready to mention it publicly. According to him, however, it's "big... 'look at our line up and imagine something even bigger' kind of big." Whatever you say, Randy.

Word of the project comes from the Gearbox forums, where Pitchford is soliciting for artists and programmers to come on board for the unannounced title. Pitchford will be directing the game himself, which will be entering pre-production and will have at least two years of development ahead of it before release.

Of course, part of Pitchford's excitement is purely to drum up interest in the title, and draw more potential employees to the project. Still, with promises of something incredibly exciting, we can't help but wonder what Gearbox might have up their sleeve. Original IP? Or a brand-new notch in an existing franchise? All we know is that between this new secret project, Borderlands, Samba de Amigo, and the Alien FPS, it's sure going to be a busy couple of years over at Gearbox.

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