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Rock Band guitar gets real string mod

Kyle Orland

Practically anyone who's played Guitar Hero and/or Rock Band has probably come across that one jerk who just can't help denigrating the simple fun of the rhythm game experience. "That's not even close to playing a real guitar," he'll say in a snide, nasally voice. "The guitar doesn't even have strings!" Well, if you want to show up that pompous prick, may we suggest you queue up the below video of a modded, stringed Rock Band guitar on a laptop and then RUB IT IN HIS FACE AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ahem. Anyway, while this single-stringed beast still has a ways to go to match a real six-string guitar, it looks like it captures the axe-grinding experience a little more authentically. Here's hoping that some sort of officially licensed, purchasable version of this type of guitar will be available soon.

[Via Engadget]

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