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The best of WoW Insider: January 26 - February 2nd, 2008


The Joystiq network is host to the best place on the 'net to get all the World of Warcraft news you can handle, and then some: our own WoW Insider delivers a daily dose of the best Azerothian news you can find, in convenient blog format. Whether it's brand new info on the upcoming patch 2.4, what WoW's community managers have delivered in their precious blue words on the forums recently, or just the latest insider news from around the community itself, WoW Insider's got you covered. Here's our most popular stories of the past week, right here on Joystiq (sure, you could type "" into your address bar and see what all the fuss is about, but why bother when we package this stuff so conveniently for you?). And yes, should you feel the need to post a comment that you don't care about WoW, we choose to remind you: haters to the left.

Get your Mojo workin'
This morning has turned up news of a surprising new non-combat pet, but we're not convinced that "cute" fits here. The pet is Mojo, the frog long claimed to be obtainable in Zul'Aman via the Amani Hex-sticks. While we're not entirely sure if it was intended or not, it would appear that Mojo is currently available by going to the small camp just outside and slightly to the south of Zul'Aman. (Whoops, except Blizzard then told us it wasn't.)

Apparently you can have too much gold
Players have discovered that there's a cap on how much money you can carry in the game. Apparently that amount is 214,748 gold, 36 silver, 48 copper.

At last it dropped
The downside to random loot tables, as any warrior who has, like me, run Mechanar over and over and over and over and over and over again can tell you, is that sometimes (in my case, 33 times or so) you don't get that item you want.

Addon Spotlight: Questhelper
Now, there's QuestHelper: an in-game guide which can tell you which direction to go, what to do, and what order to do everything in, all before you even get confused in the first place.

Hands-on with Ideazon's Zboard gaming keyboard
I imagine some of you are wondering what the point of a Zboard is when World of Warcraft has a huge amount of customized functionality available with addons and macros -- no special software required. Couldn't you just use your existing keyboard? Of course you could, but the Zboard offers some distinct advantages over any do-it-yourself solution.

Here are your fake (real?) patch notes
If these notes are accurate, they're going to try and re-introduce the 'silence and interrupt diminishing returns' idea, entirely redesign how backpacks work, change the human diplomacy racial so that it also increases healing received by 3% (this is the change that most sets off my 'no freaking way' meter), bear tank druids will see their self heal buffed by the healing gear they're all not wearing while tanking, shamans will find Windfury Weapon and Windfury Totem to be nerfed, and prot warriors will be hitting with both weapons on Devastates, which I would personally love to see in my stocking come patch 2.4, but I remember them trying this once.

Get Grumpy, faster and cheaper than FigurePrints!
Grumpycoder with their WoW PaperIdol. While they may not offer a RL figurine, they are the first to provide (that I know of) portrait and full body pictures that auto-update the look of your character as your Armory equipment changes.

Guildwatch: Down for the count
Ninja and/or auction house shenanigans on Steamwheedle Cartel. Especially enjoyable when the guy in question, Tiller, shows up to chat.

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