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Win a Tide-themed iPod


If you watched last weekend's Super Bowl (the height of American Football), you probably saw Tide's "Talking Stain" ad. It was one of the better ones; a man trying to conduct an interview is distracted by a nagging stain on the interviewee's shirt.

Today, Tide has launched a contest encouraging people to make their own "mocking stain" ads. Among the prizes are 34 limited edition Tide-themed iPod Classics. The size isn't listed, but they're described in the official rules as having a value of $300US, so we assume it's the 80GB model.

This isn't the first time Tide has released a special iPod. Last year, they gave away orange nanos in conjunction with the St. Bernard Project in New Orleans. This got us thinking about other limited edition iPods we've seen.

Good luck making your stain ad, and let us know if you win one of these.

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