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3D Realms disputes confirmation of Duke Nukem Forever in 2008


"Duke Nukem Forever confirmed for 2008," heralds an unlikely source in Dallas Business Journal. What the modest, Texas newspaper actually seems to suggest is that 3D Realms is "on target" to release the mythical sequel sometime this year, though company co-owner Scott Miller adds, "we may miss the mark by a month or two" (wink, wink). Miller also hinted that "hitting the big three" (in this case, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3) is the obvious development strategy, but he continued to stress that 3D Realms has not "formally announced any platforms for DNF."

3D Realms informed Shacknews that any suggestion by Dallas Business Journal that DNF's release date and platforms have been confirmed is erroneous. Expect an official statement from 3D Realms later today. Update: 3D Realms president George Broussard lays it out loud and clear in the follow-up statement issued today. "The release date is still 'when it's done,' and will be until the appropriate moment. Platforms have not been finalized or announced. You can rest assured that we are moving toward a goal and that the recently released teaser trailer is the start of that process and seeing more of the game, sooner than later."

We should also note that Dallas Business Journal seemingly confirms ongoing rumor that Duke Nukem 3D is bound for Xbox Live Arcade and will include online multiplayer and co-op support. "We're really excited about bringing classic Duke to the 360," Miller allegedly told the paper, "We're talking to Microsoft about getting a release slot sometime this year."

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