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EA, Spielberg break out Boom Blox for Wii, mobile

Jason Dobson

Electronic Arts has announced the initial details surrounding Boom Blox, the first collaboration between movie mogul Steven Spielberg and EA Los Angeles. Revealed last December, and expected to be featured during a panel at this month's annual Game Developer's Conference, the "high-energy" family-friendly puzzler is scheduled to debut this May for the Wii, with a version for mobile phones expected to drop sometime in the spring.

While details are light, EA notes that Boom Blox will boast more than 300 levels, a cast of more than 30 "wacky" characters, "full real-time physics model," and an in-game level editor that promises to let players "remix any level," which include Tiki, Haunted, Medieval, and Frontier, themed backdrops. EA also promises that once created, players will be able to share their masterpieces with their friends over the Wii's online service. While we may all have grown weary of the Wii's casual focus, it's hard not to get at least a little excited for this game given Spielberg's involvement. Then again, he did make A.I.

[Update: GameDaily has an interview up with the game's creator at EA, Louis Castle – along with the exclusive trailer embedded just after the break.]

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