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Hyatt Place gearing up to open 86 new hotels, bring HD to every one

Darren Murph

Hyatt Hotels have long since been a safe haven for HD junkies on the run, so those who find themselves living out of a suitcase will certainly appreciate this news. Reportedly, a total of 86 Hyatt Place hotels have been approved for construction, and you'll find these new projects going up in a smorgasbord of American and Canadian cities. As expected, every single new Hyatt Place will offer guests complimentary WiFi, an eight-foot sleeper sofa, a 42-inch HDTV, at least 11 channels of HD programming, the firm's own Plug Panel and access to games on NFL Sunday Ticket and NBA League Pass to boot. For a list of cities where these gems are headed, be sure and give the read link a visit.

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