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Legendary ranged weapon confirmed

Eliah Hecht

Like MMO-Champion says, this isn't the biggest surprise, but we now have confirmation (en français) that a legendary ranged weapon will drop in the new 25-man raid in patch 2.4's Sunwell Plateau. Specifically, it will be a direct drop, like the Warglaives of Azzinoth, and not the result of a quest chain, like good old Thunderfury. Still unknown is which boss it'll be from (though Boubouille reasonably supposes that it'll be the last boss, Kil'jaeden).

Also unknown is what type of weapon it will be: bow, gun, or crossbow. Vosh makes the guess that it will be a crossbow, because guns would benefit dwarves and bows would benefit night elves trolls [sorry!], due to their racial bonuses, which makes sense, although I wouldn't bet on it either. What do you guys think? What will this weapon be like, and hunters, how excited are you?

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