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Mass Effect DLC to 'Bring Down the Sky' on March 10


BioWare has unveiled the first in a series of downloadable add-ons to its interstellar epic of planetary exploration and interspecies cavorting, Mass Effect. Warping onto the Xbox Live Marketplace on Monday, March 10th, "Bring Down the Sky" expands the game's rich universe by adding a new uncharted world and an alien race mentioned but never seen in the award-winning central campaign.

It seems an extremist group of Batarians, who sadly look nothing like the gigantic space bats we envisioned them to be, has taken control of a mobile asteroid station and set it on a collision course with a nearby colony. Since you'll have absolutely none of that, you'll download the adventure for 400 MS Points ($5) and put an end to the crisis within "approximately 90 minutes." If saving Terra Nova isn't reward enough, there are 50 Gamerscore points in it for you.

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