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Motorola's star studded partnership continues: E8s for this year's Oscars

Chris Ziegler

Like last year, Moto will be working the red carpet hard later this month, slipping exclusive, electronic bundles of joy into Oscar nominees' gift bags. This time around it's the ROKR E8, a phone that isn't yet available to the public -- but what better group to hand 'em out to ahead of release than the rich and famous? Naturally, these aren't just any old E8s, either; they'll be packaged in iguana skin boxes (fake, we're happy to report) and will come bundled with Motorola's also-recently announced S9-HD Bluetooth headset. Note to stars: we don't care how boring the acceptance speeches are, don't go disrespectin' your peers by pulling out the gear and listening to Fergie before the show's over, alright?

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