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New Killzone 2 concept art discovered

Chris Powell

Using some first-rate detective work, the guys at ripten have unearthed a slew of gorgeous concept art spanning the entire Killzone series, including the highly anticipated Killzone 2. The person responsible for these amazing pieces of art is Xavier Marquis, a concept artist born in France who has worked for video game companies such as Sony, Eidos and Ubisoft.

Several of the Killzone images were published in the June 2007 issue of ImagineFX, a fantasy and sci-fi digital arts magazine, but up until now, we really haven't seen many of them. The series has always had a great artistic look to many of the characters and Marquis really fleshes them out in his work. Hopefully, we'll continue to see his work for a long time.

Go here to see the full set of Marquis' Killzone concept art.

[Via ripten]

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