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PSP robbery turns deadly

Chris Powell

There's been several stories, even one recently, of people getting their PSPs robbed from them, but this one is, by far, the most disturbing. It appears the robbery began like many others with an unsuspecting youth who was attacked by two older teenagers trying to steal his PSP.

However, when James Felton-Maitland fought off his attackers and fled across the street still holding onto his PSP, he was struck and killed by a truck after sustaining severe head trauma. Now, Jamila Brown and Keith Goa, Jame's attackers, are being charged with second-degree felony murder and strong-arm robbery, according to the Miami Herald.

What's worse is Brown confessed while Goa continues to claim his innocence, despite overwhelming evidence linking him to the crime. The bottom line is that this is a senseless tragedy, but gamers also need to be on the lookout while using their PSPs in public, especially while walking down the street or in less populated areas.

[Via CVG]

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