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Sony Ericsson files patent for "detachable housings"

Chris Ziegler

It's hard enough for some of us to go a few months without losing a one-piece cellphone, but imagine the hilarity that'll ensue if Sony Ericsson makes good on a recent patent application to break 'em into multiple pieces? The basic idea is to make the phone's body independent of the display itself, and while the app doesn't do a particularly stellar job of explaining why this is valuable, we gather from the drawings and diagrams that you'd flip the screen between front and back depending on whether you're using the phone in the open or closed position. The pivoting clamshell design in devices like Samsung's FlipShot seems a lot more robust to us, but then again, probably 75 percent of these patent apps never become actual products, so we won't worry about it too much just yet.

[Via Unwired View]

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