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Sony wants Pirates Versus Ninjas Dodgeball on PSN


Gamecock is trying to capitalize on the popular internet meme in their upcoming XBLA game, Pirates Versus Ninjas Dodgeball. Although currently an XBLA exclusive, it looks like there's strong interest to bring the game over to the PSN. "Sony really wants this Pirates vs Ninjas game we're doing for Xbox Live and we're platform agnostic so if we're investing in a title let's give it a chance wherever there is one," Gamecock CEO Mike Wilson told

The PSN offers a number of unique opportunities for developers. Unique games like flOw and Everyday Shooter have managed to flourish on the PSN -- certainly, they would've floundered if released in a traditional retail space. Also, unlike XBLA, there are no size limitations on what developers can provide. "The market's not there yet but it will be and it's nice that you don't have this 150MB limitation. It will be interesting to see how it emerges as a market.

[Via Joystiq]

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