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Suda says U.S. version of No More Heroes is closest to his vision


During a rather extensive interview with Goichi Suda, the man behind No More Heroes and Killer 7 (GameCube), it's revealed that the Grasshopper Manufature CEO has found his experience of working with the Wii a very enjoyable one. And, in regards to the whole bloodless/bloody No More Heroes fiasco, Suda is of the mind that the U.S. version (see: the one with the buckets of blood in it) is definitely closest to his final vision of the game.

Nintendo was totally cool with the blood from the get-go, as well. Suda says the U.S. version was the closest to his initial vision for the game, and that the "issue of having blood spilt is an interesting one. Today's technology makes a very realistic visual experience possible, so does that mean blood has to be sprayed all around? I'm not sure." Well, we're glad the blood was added, as looking at the comparison videos shows the blood adds a lot more to the game.


[Via Go Nintendo]

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