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The DS Life: Portable paramours

Eric Caoili

The DS Life is a weekly feature in which we scour the known world for narrative images of Nintendo's handhelds and handheld gamers. If you have a photo and a story to match it with, send both to thedslife at dsfanboy dot com.

Have you already found someone to spend this upcoming St. Valentine's Day with? If not, you have only a week to develop a stratagem to trade Luvdiscs with someone, or you'll wind up spending February 14th playing Mario Party DS ... in single-player mode. Protip: Don't be that guy (or girl). Jump past the break to see how your V-day could turn out if you play your cards right (or if you use hackz).

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It's not natural for wires to coil like that! That's the power of love! Of course, this won't work with two DSes, what with the system's wireless capabilities, but you can imagine that the ones and zeros flying between your two handhelds are actually microscopic hearts and kisses. Or, you know, you could toss your games aside and just totally make out instead.

Even if you're not able to find yourself a sweetheart and update your MySpace relationship status before Valentine's, you shouldn't give up hope -- there's someone for everyone! Even for insufferable zoo curators with Hitler-esque mustaches!

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