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Tigole talks about Inscription and Hero Classes in Wrath


In an interview at Computer and Videogames, Tigole mostly discusses some things we've already heard about, such as the Lake Wintergrasp PvP zone and the process to unlock the Death Knight class, but also reveals a few very tasty little morsels of new information as well.

First, he tells us a little bit more about Blizzard's philosophy behind Inscription, the new trade skill slated to be released with the expansion. While it appears that only one inscription will be allowed to be on a spell at one time, their goal is not to create one or two all-powerful inscriptions that will be used above all others, but to give players a variety of valid choices as to how to modify their spells. The example he gives is that of Frost Nova. One player might choose an inscription that gave their nova a longer range, while another might choose one that would lengthen the duration of the root associated with it.

And what's this? More hero classes?

Tigole opens up on the further progression of Hero Classes beyond the announced Death Knights with some news that's likely to make lore fans everywhere (Including this one) squeal with joy. Current plans are pointing to the addition of an Archdruid hero class, possibly related to the opening of the Emerald Dream and the continuation of the story behind its corruption, including finding out what exactly Malfurion Stormrage has been up to since we saw him last.

I'm already dreaming about what an Archdruid class could do, as well as thinking over the possibilities of the Emerald Dream storyline. Could we see the return of Ysera and meet more of the Green Dragonflight? Will there be a showdown between Malfurion and Fandral Staghelm for the title of Archdruid of the Night Elves? Will we learn more about the nature of the nightmare that's gripped the Dream and driven many green dragons insane? Hopefully Blizzard will elaborate on this more in the future, and we'll finally get not only another Hero Class, but also the next new chunk in a tale that's been a crucial part of the World of Warcraft storyline from level one in Darnassus all the way up to Sethekk Halls in Outland!

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