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All hands on deck for combat log changes

Amanda Dean

If you're anything like me you're chomping at the bit to devour any new piece of information regarding the highly anticipated Sunwell patch. I was fascinated to read Slouken's description of upcoming changes to the in-game combat log. These changes, he reports, are driven to help assist in with game AddOns in the future.

One of the major changes is the ability for players to filter their combat logs by a number of criteria. This will send only necessary data through the user interface, which can then be picked up by the AddOn. Other changes include formatting options that allow the language and presentation of the combat log output to mimic existing AddOns in syntax and color coding. Blizzard is implementing these changes so that players do not have to use "middle-man" AddOns.

Over a series of posts, Slouken describes how to create and use filters. The Q and A section in the final of his series of posts indicates that they are soliciting comments for the combat log changes, so let them know what you think. Personally I think it's awesome to see the Blizzard developers looking beyond their code to see what players want.

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