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American PSN updates for February 7th

Jem Alexander

Another Thursday, another PSN update and, boy, have we got a treasure trove of content for you? Well, not really. There's a lot here but a lot is filler. Go! Sports Skydiving is almost certainly not worth a purchase, though Crash Bandicoot 3 definitely is. Here's the full release list:
  • Go! Sports Skydiving full game ($4.99)
  • Crash Bandicoot: Warped PS1 game ($5.99)
  • Lost Planet demo (free)
  • Rock Band DLC
    • Kiss' "Calling Dr. Love" ($1.99)
    • B-52's "Roam" ($1.99)
    • Faith No More's "We Care A Lot" ($1.99)
  • Motorstorm "Chinese New Year" add-on (free)
  • MLB 08 The Show "First Look" video (free)
  • Uncharted "Final trailer" (free)
  • Burnout Paradise "Dev Diary" video (free)
  • Burnout Paradise "Launch Trailer 1" (free)
  • Burnout Paradise "Launch Trailer 2" (free)
  • Conflict: Denied Ops "Dev Diary 1" (free)
  • Wall-E movie trailer (free)
  • 30 Days of Night Blu-Ray trailer (free)
  • Uncharted Wallpaper 6 (free)
  • Uncharted Wallpaper 7 (free)
We've always been curious as to why we receive "Launch Trailers" on the store several weeks after the game's initial launch. Is it some attempt at ironic humour? Who knows. Have you downloaded Crash Bandicoot: Warped yet? No? Well get a move on!

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