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February loot cards added for Legends of Norrath

William Dobson

EQ2Players has announced a February Loot Re-Roll for Legends of Norrath. Two shiny new loot cards will be available from now in Forsworn boosters packs -- and not only that, every Forsworn pack that has already been opened also has the chance of scoring you one, so check to see if you've been retroactively lucky.

The loot card for EverQuest this time around is called Visage of the Bixie Drone, and it would seem fairly obvious what you might receive for cashing this one in. However, more intriguing is the EverQuest II loot card, a Thermal Lunchbox. A container of some sort? Possibly linked to the Provisioning craft? Do you turn into a walking lunchbox? The little box icon included on the card indicates that it would be storage, but only time will tell what other surprises it holds.

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