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Finally! Assassin's Creed DS gameplay

Usually, when a movie is kept under wraps until it's released to the public – meaning no screenings for critics amongst other things – it's almost always a sure sign that it's terrible. Like ... crap. So, it was with little hesitation that we assumed the closely guarded Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles for DS was going to be, well ... crap. But after being released yesterday, we checked out the above video and, you know what? It doesn't look that terrible.

Okay, sure, all Altair does is walk on a straight path ... with no enemies anywhere ... collecting glowing gems. Oh, and then there's a minigame. But, really, we were expecting something somewhere between Superman 64 and being murdered, so consider us impressed. With no reviews available to reference (see above note about avoiding critics) we're left wondering if any of you have risked some coin on Ubisoft's secret lovechild.

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