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Guild Wars' version of Chinese New Year starts Friday

Michael Zenke

The beautiful continent of Cantha celebrates the Guild Wars New Year in style. The 2008 celebration begins tomorrow at noon PST, ending at the same time on Monday the 11th. The main food-packed celebration happens in the Shing Jea Monastery, with smaller celebrations taking place at Kamadan and Lion's Arch. Freebie goodies given out at the festival includes plenty of fireworks, bean cakes, champagne, and (if your fortune augurs well) perhaps even a new mini-pet.

Festival events include ensuring that fireworks supplies are kept up, access to the Shing Jea Boardwalk for games of fortune, the annual Rollerbeetle Racing Arena, and a cooking competition. A brand new patch dropped yesterday to support the holiday, along with new the 'Party Animal' Title track and numerous class skill balances. If you're interested in participating, make sure to stop into the party on Sunday; the Celestial Rat will be showing up every three hours to hand out some great holiday bennies.

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