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Intel sued for Core 2 Duo patent infringement -- by the University of Wisconsin

Nilay Patel

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Although Intel's mighty proud of the Core 2 Duo, it looks like the chip wasn't all home-grown -- a lawsuit filed today by the University of Wisconsin claims that the processor infringes on patented technology developed by one of its professors. Back in 1998, CS department chair Gurindar Sohi presented some of his developments relating to instruction level parallelism to Intel and offered to license them, but got nowhere -- yet the same tech is in the Core 2 Duo, according to the lawsuit. For its part, Intel says it's been talking to the Badgers for over a year now, and that it hasn't evaluated the complaint -- which it might want to do in short order, since UW's asking for the court to halt shipments of the Core 2 Duo in addition to monetary damages and legal fees.

[Thanks, Matt G.]

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