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Official Vanguard site encourages fledgling crafters with tradeskill guide

William Dobson

A tradeskill guide has been posted to Vanguard's VGPlayers website, which explains for those who are just starting the game, or who never got around to crafting earlier, how to embark upon the road of their chosen profession. To get started started with crafting, you'll need to visit a starting city and talk to a Crafting Advisor. From there, you'll have a choice to make on which path you'll take (Artificer, Blacksmith, Outfitter), and this initial choice will affect your options later on when you advance to your final crafting class.

The guide also gives a few suggestions of some mobs that can be killed for experience, and then harvested for crafting materials as well. It really is a guide intended for beginner's though, and probably the best part of it is the link to Vanguard Crafters. The forums at this site are home to many enthusiastic crafters and a ton of information is already posted. Before you even choose a crafting path, it's a good idea to do some research at these forums to see if it's the right choice for you.


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