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Rumor: BioWare not involved with Star Wars MMO

Like a complicated puzzle infuriatingly missing the final piece, the mystery over what exactly BioWare and LucasArts are up to after their announced collaboration is impossible to solve. The most obvious rumor is that BioWare's due in 2009 MMO is based on its celebrated Star Wars RPG Knights of the Old Republic. But video game insider (or rumor-mongering charlatan?) Surfer Girl claims that there is an upcoming Star Wars MMO coming in 2009 that's "not being developed by BioWare or Sony Online Entertainment." She says the new MMO is being timed to debut, and will actually tie into, the live-action Star Wars television series planned for next year.

So, if you're the kind of person who believes every rumor they read on the internet (you're not though, right?) then here's the takeaway: BioWare is still working on an MMO, they're still working with LucasArts, but they're not working on this Star Wars MMO. Everyone else: let's just wait it out, okay?

[Via Massively]

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