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Viking website is up, new trailer


As journalists, this is exactly the sort of thing we're supposed to avoid, yet try as we might, we can't help but be inordinately excited for Viking: Battle for Asgard. It's like someone took the narrative style of 300, infused it with the tale of Beowulf, and then tossed in the epic battles of The Lord of the Rings. How can anyone not dig that? It doesn't hurt that the actual gameplay looks rock solid too. Granted, we won't know if it actually feels solid until we can lay our hands on a controller, but so far all the right pieces seem to be there. We say all of this to inform you that a new trailer has been released and also that the official website is now open for business. The website offers the usual melange of character and game information, all wrapped up in a pretty slick package. Check it out if you're so inclined, and don't forget to peruse our own image gallery below. Finally, find the new trailer after the break.


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