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WoW Moviewatch: Inside World of Warcraft, Episode 1

Moo Money

In the course of my daily machinima search, I learn new things all the time. For example, I now know that I need a rainbow unicorn in my life, or the fact that Martin Falch can see into my SOUL! It's a good thing that I wore my tinfoil hat today, or things could have been messy.

Inside World of Warcraft is a machinima series produced by Oblivious Films in collaboration with Apparently they're going around WoW searching high and low for the latest issues, gripes, and machinima. Their inaugural episode features some epic forum complaints about each class, and a speedy review of Tales of the Past 3.

If you're into Drewbie, unicorns, MacHeath, unicorns, Oblivious Films, machinima, and unicorns, then you'll enjoy this video. I can't wait to see where Episode 2 leads them!


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