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Beta Beat: Photonic adds Leopard goodness to Flickr


I am, admittedly, a fan of desktop apps that keep me from having to wade through immense websites, especially when said desktop apps are significantly better looking than said websites. Photonic, which was just released as an open beta, is one such application. It brings beauty and class to Flickr and, at least for me, makes it more enjoyable.

We covered another cool Flickr app recently called FlickrFinder, which I fell in love with for its simplicity. Photonic raises the bar by adding an uploader that is as good or better than Flickr's own Flickr Uploadr, and decidedly more Mac-like. Meanwhile, the alluring interface and a dash of Core Animation make it a pleasure to use.

My raving aside, it's definitely still a beta. I had a few strange problems with the upload date that resulted in an image getting lost in the pile, and fairly frequently entire streams came up as "currently unavailable" pages. But I'll put up with a lot of growing pains for a tool this cool.

You can download the beta at the Photonic website.

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