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Cepstral brings text-to-voice to IMVU


Cepstral's imVoices is a way to update dreary old text chat by assigning different voices to your written speech. This is something I've been interested in for quite a while; I've never been a big fan of voice in Second Life. An app like this would go a long way toward maintaining suspension of disbelief.

There's a video to watch, showing how imVoices works in IMVU, the virtual world that's currently the only place you'll find this service. While this is nitpicky, I can't help but call attention to the fact that the video could have used a little closer editing. Watching the invisible typist enter text, then waiting 20 seconds for the voice to read it aloud is either a fault of imVoices or IMVU's text system -- either way, it's not the greatest endorsement. Still, this technology could be put to good use in other virtual spaces. Let's hope Cepstral branches out.

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