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Comcast readies new batch of HD channels for Reston, Virginia

Darren Murph

Considering just how many locales in the Southeast have been hit up with new HD additions from Comcast of late, you may get the impression that doing so was its job. Nevertheless, we're quite pleased to hear that one particular subscriber parked in Reston, Virginia just received an FYI card from the cable provider stating that a new round of high-definition channels would be landing on March 4th. Granted, we'd heard whispers that Discovery HD, TLC HD, Animal Planet HD, USA HD, Food Network HD, HGTV HD, CNN HD, History HD and SciFi HD would actually hit Reston late last month, but we suppose a month (and change) late is better than never. So, who else is receiving these cards, and more importantly, where in the wide world are you?

[Thanks, Silvio]

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