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MGS4 doesn't need 1m day one sales, Payton misquoted


As fun as it's been to dream about the vague, but imminent peril hinted at by Metal Gear Solid 4 assistant producer Ryan Payton when he allegedly told Reuters that the game must sell over a million copies on day one (or else...?), it's time to wake up -- all bets are off! Speaking on the Bionic Commando podcast, Payton denied ever quoting the ominous figure, admitting, "I don't even know how many figures we'd need to sell to be profitable." (Figures? Aren't we talking about game sales?)

"More importantly, that's not something you really talk about in an interview," Payton continued, "I've been trying to contact Kemp Powers over at Reuters to see, I don't know, if he recorded it on tape, but I'd love to hear it. So we can set the record straight." Well Payton, consider the record straighted with us. (This whole thing never made much sense anyway ... What if it took two days to break a million -- then what?)

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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