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Neo looking to expand to new markets in 2008

Chris Ziegler

Dubai's Neo, the manufacturer behind the "world's smallest fully featured mobile phone," says that it's looking well beyond its domestic horizons for the new year. It seems the company has secured certifications from several of the key regulatory agencies around the world, including the FCC -- though it's not clear whether they're for the original 808i or for three new handsets promised by the end of 2008 -- and intends to go global inside of two months. The next model on the Neo docket will be the "Ellipse," an elliptical (surprise, surprise) phone with WiFi, touchscreen, a 4 megapixel cam, and media player; sell this in the US and keep it the same size as the 808i, and these cats may just have a market niche carved out for themselves; they'll be at MWC, so with any luck, we'll get a little look-see at it then.

[Via MobileTechNews]

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